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Diner en Blanc | The Final Dress | Mend and Make New

Ta dah..

I am so proud of this design, the rouch is what I wanted the dress to look like.

However the “butterfly”neck line was me trying to salvage a badly freestyle cut neck line.

But thank God that it ended up the PERFECT neckline for the evening.

Since I also made butterflies to identify as a person who is a floater.

See the origami butterfly in my hair? 😛

This is the MOST comfortable fancy dress! The Roche adds quite a bit of space for sitting and eating 😉

The Final dress. Haha.. I am one of the few photographers who LOVES to be in front of the camera;) Thank you so much Cheryl from Finestone Photography for taking this photo for me:)

Check out the Work In Progress 😀

The best thing about the dress is the pocket I added on the left hand side of me:D

Would you like me to do a tutorial on how to add a hidden pocket in your dresses?

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  1. This looks gorgeous, Grace, well done!

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