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A Land Animal Chasing The Waves, Yallingup Beach, Western Australia | Animals | Jonace Aussie Travels

A land animal chasing the Waves, Yallingup Beach, Western Australia

I used to be the photographer for hubby when he went on his surfing trips with his friends. Fun times anticipating the waves coming through and trying to capture the sprays coming off the surfboards. I did it for their benefit but I realised quickly that I would get bored with that and would rather photograph nature such as the sea life around me.

This one time, I was watching this animal getting in the water and immediately my interest was piqued and here is the result 😉

This is a very interesting photo, lots of people think it’s a lion!! What do you think it looks like?

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Galah, Yallingup, Western Australia | Birds | Animals | Jonace Aussie Travels

Galahs were once confined to the open plains that occur beyond the inland slopes of the Great Divide in eastern Australia, north of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, and north of the Mulga–Eucalypt line in Western Australia. However, following the clearing of subcoastal woodlands for farming, Galahs began to flood in, taking advantage of the new habitat and its abundant supply of food. They even spread to the coasts, where they are now a familiar sight in the cities.

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Pink Galah in a tree with green leaves, Yallingup, Western Australia
Galah, Yallingup, Western Australia

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