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Mulan | Costume Design| Re-Use | Op Shop Finds

We had to dress up as a character from any book, film or tv series.

We decided with Mulan and Li Shang as hubby and I are both familiar with it and it was a good dress up for couples.

Hubby and I all dressed up ready for the party
Hubby and I all dressed up ready for the party

I got most of the materials from the op shop such as scarves and red silky fabric, the silky maid of honour bathrobe and borrowed the necklace and blue scarf from mum. I had to do a bit of sewing to make it look more like the Mulan from the match maker scene.

For hubby’s out fit, I used scarves to make the grey and black body piece on top of his green shirt and an old bed sheet from the op shop for the cape. I  made the cape by measuring from his neck to his ankle for the height and then I measured him horizontally from his left  biceps to the right.

A HUGE thank you to Sam and Laney for helping us with hair and make up:D


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