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How to Prepare Olives For Preserving | Checking | Home Grown | Preserving Adventures

So some of you may be not sure what to do after the olives has been soaking for 7-8 days.

Here is my post from day 1

So I thought I’ll do a post of how to change the brine solution. and what to do if there is mould.

Scroll down or “click to continue” to see more of the process:)


Olives after 8 days of neglect
Olives after 8 days of neglect

This is what my olives looked like after 8 days of neglect. There was some mould but it’s easy to just scoop them out.

Note: If you really don’t want any mould, then you can use more olive oil on the top to make a seal.

Olives being rinsed
Olives being rinsed

I poured out the old brine after scooping out the mouldy bits. Then I rinse the olives under a running tap with a bowl under to catch the water to ensure that all the olives get a little soaking

This is when I taste them to see what to do next. If it is to your liking then you are ready for the next time. Alas they were still bitter so…

I had to re-soak them again


Olives in the jar with new brine solution.
Olives in the jar with new brine solution.

Note: You can store your left over brine from day 1 in a glass jar in the fridge. I did that but also had to make another batch of brine solution [100 g salt to 900 ml water].


Re-labled the bottles for day 8
relabeled the bottles for day 8

I re labeled the bottles with the day 8 date and will check back in another 7 to 8 days depending how busy I am=p

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