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The Good Deeds Dress | Sewing | New Clothes | Mend and Make New

Decided to make a dress for my nieces.

Came across the “Good Deeds Dress” and loved the design.

However, I found it rather complicated and unclear how to add a lining.

So I decided to do a tutorial on how to do it.

scroll down or click “continue reading” for how to do it.


I lined the pattern fabric with calico then folded it in half. pattern sides together


I pinned the traced pattern pieces on the folded fabric.
I lined the back piece on the folded line on the right


Next cut out the pattern.
Open up the pieces and separate the pattern pieces from the lining calico.
Line them up pattern side together.
Pin them together at the top shoulder as in the pic.
sew the top shoulder together


Do the same for the calico lining pieces


This is what you should have. 2 pieces; the pattern one and the calico lining.


Pin together the calico lining and pattern piece pattern side facing inside
Sew the seams as per the red lines.
the dotted lines shows that you sew the seams behind.
DO NOT sew in the loop together
This is how it will look after you sew the red seams.
Flip the pieces inside out, so that the pattern side will be showing. iron on the seams and sew it down
Cut out the skirt piece and hem it up
Do 3 basting stitches. which are basically 3 straight stitches where you do not do a reverse stitch
separate the top stitch and bottom stitch string and tie off the top ones and cut off the remainder string leaving just a little bit.
while holding on to the bottom row of strings, gather the fabric till it is the same length as the bottom part of the top dress


french seam the skirt part together on the horizontal edge.
Attach the top and bottom pieces together with the pattern sides together and do a Hong Kong Seam using scrap pieces of calico.
The final dress
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