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Merry Christmas and May Your New Year Be Filled With Hope ^^

Joey with mum on Lucky Bay, Esperance, Western Australia with the text Merry Christmas and May your new year be filled with hope

This photo is a bit of fun really since you hear most Christmas carols with snow references.. HAha here in Australia, it’s more about the beach, sand and BBQ.. Instead of the snow sledge rides and fireplaces. Oh yea, we have kangaroos instead of reindeer 😛

But on a more serious note, for me personally, the reason for this season is Jesus. Jesus came down to Earth as a baby to save us. Without His gift of salvation and the joy of the Lord as my strength daily, I would not be around.. Hence I do what I do, to inspire others to keep on keeping on!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me this year, I am super duper excited to see what the new year holds 😀 God willing, I hope to do more music and collaborating with others too 😉 So Watch this space.. I’m so disappointed!! I did an acoustic cover of Mary Did You Know but sadly it was just not good enough to post 🙁 [was too tired after the swim at the beach]

Every time you share my post or like it or comment on it, it helps 🙂 I always like to hear from you 😉 Also love chatting to you at markets 😀

I pray and hope you have a great time today either with family or friends!

See you in the new year 🙂

agape love,

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