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Happy Blessed 2020! Here Is The View of The First Sunrise of 2020 From Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Western Australia

View of the first sunrise of 2020 over Perth from Kings Park Botanic Garden, Western Australia

Here is a photo of the first sunrise of 2020 for those who were sound asleep in their beds 😛

I had such an epic time at Kings Park with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! What a great way to fellowship with others followed by Praise and Worship in music and prayer till the sun rose..

Sorry for the delay in posting, been recovering from the all-nighter and with fibro, it’s not that quick a recovery process..

Praise the Lord though when He calls He will enable! I was able to play and sing and lead others in praise and worship in song all night long! Haha. it felt like God prepared me all these years for a time such as this 😛

May your new year be filled with hope, love, joy and peace! May the Lord be so real in your life!

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