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Inspirational Mounts | Inspirational Photography + Words

I feel that God has put on my heart to create this Inspirational series for many years. Before I felt incompetent as I didn’t have the skill or photos.. I now have the know how and my own photographs from all over the world of various subjects in nature.My designs have grown to these beautiful light weight 8 x 6 s foam mounted prints.

The elements in this design are

  • The Front
    • The background image
    • The bible verse
  • The Back
    • “Feeling” text
    • Encouraging word
    • logo

I would love to hear from you if these prints [photo and bible verse, feeling text and encouraging word] below inspires you when you are feeling tired, anxious, confused, fearful,  and complaining?

I would love your input in creating and expanding this Inspirational series

  1. Are there any other “Feelings” which you’ll like inspiration for? please let me know so I can design something for you 🙂
  2. What sort of images would help you through such times of difficulty?
  3. What bible verses works for you during such difficult times?
    • What is your life verse?
    • What is your life season’s verse?

agape love,

The sticker on the back of the Inspirational Mounts




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