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12 x 4 Inspirational Mount | Gift Ideas

Check out my latest 12 x 4 Inspirational Mount final product:D

Have someone’s wedding coming up and wondering what to give them? Why don’t you give them a personalised 12 x 4 Inspirational Mount:)

  • Photo is 12 x 4” [ 100 x 300 mm ]
  • Mounted Print
  • Overall size to fit frame is 420 x 225 mm
  • High quality acid free
    • 3 mm foam mount
    • matt board
    • photo paper

Here are some other 12 x 4s Inspirational Mounts but you can choose whatever image you like! I have heaps from my world travels, each one breathtaking and beautiful!

Check out my Store for more gift ideas 😀

I have subtly added the couple’s name in the image so as not to distract from the image


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