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Hovering Bee and Orange Flower, Perth, Western Australia | Flower and Bee | Nature Photography | Jonace Aussie Travels

While out gardening, I noticed this beautiful flower in bloom. I have always been wanting to capture it, but have not been able till now!

Haha.. This time though, while doing the shoot, a bee decided to be part of the shoot. So it became the focus of the shoot 😛

Just found out that today is World Bee Day so thought I’ll share this photo instead of doing the Tasmania series 😉

So I present to you ” Hovering Bee and Orange Flower”

Hovering Bee and Orange Flower, Perth, Western Australia

As a gardener, I love bees as they help pollinate our fruit and veggies!! As a photographer, I love photographing them hovering near different flowers 😀

Hope this photo brightens your day ^^

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