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Soft and Fluffy Japanese Cheese Cake | Cooking And Baking Adventures

Thought I’ll bake a Japanese Cheese cake for my good friend who LOVES Japan.

It was rather challenging but at the same time so satisfying to FINALLY accomplish it 😀

The Birthday girl with her cake:)

Scroll down or click “continue reading->” for the recipe I adapted from several different video and recipes.

Soft and Fluffy Japanese Cheese Cake

adapted from Cooking with Dog and Just One Cook Book

The Final cake with the baking paper except the bottom one removed for easy transportation.
Ingredients For 1 Portion
I use 4 portions as I had a cake pan with a diameter of 7″ and height of 3″
Cream Cheese Mixture
  •   1  Egg Yolk
  •   50 g  Cream Cheese
  •   10 g Butter
  •  50 ml/g Milk
  • 15 g Sour Cream
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 10 g Cake Flour


  •  20 g Granulated Sugar
  • 1 Egg White
Equipment Used:
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Glass Bowl which fits on top of a cooking pot
  • Spatula
  • Whisk
  • Oven
  1. Pre-heat oven to 180° C [ 350° F ]
  2. Make Baking Paper Strips
    Measure out the radius of your cake pan and mark it out with baking paper
    Cut out the exterior of the marked line to make the sweet shape cut out
    The sweet shape cut out to line your pan and help lift your cake out.


  3. Grease inside of cake pan and one side of the sweet shape cut out and the long rectangle shape cut out. The cake pan I’m using has a diameter of 7″ and height of 3″.
    Butter your cake pan
    Butter your baking paper cut out.
    Put cut out in pan with buttered side facing up.
    Butter a strip of the baking paper 4 inches high
    Put strip in the cake pan with buttered side facing inwards


  4. Mix well together in a double boiler then take off the heat
    • 100 g Cream Cheese
    • 40 g Butter [Unsalted]
    • 60 g Sour Cream
    • 100 ml/ g Milk
      100 g of cream cheese
      40 g of Butter
      60 g of sour cream

      100 ml / g of milk
  5. Once mixed set aside to cool and separate 4 eggs
  6. Add the 4 egg yolk to the cream cheese mixture and mix well

    4 Egg Yolks Added to the mixture which I have taken off the Bain Marie to cool slightly
  7. Sieve into the mixture
    • 40 g Cake Flour
      40 g of cake flour

      Sieve in 40 g cake flour
  8. Sieve the whole mixture to remove lumps. [I actually forgot to and it was fine, but it’s up to you how fine you want it to be]
  9. Making the Meringue
    1. Put in a mixing bowl and beat on speed 4 till foamy
    2. Add in 3 part process and beat until soft peak
      • 80 g Granulated Sugar
        80 g of Granulated Sugar


        Egg whites in the mixing bowl
        Egg white whipped till soft peak

        How to test for soft peak, the peak folds over when you up turn the whisk.
  10. Add 2/3 the meringue mixture in 1/3 portion at a time into the cream cheese mixture. Wish it in gently till evenly mixed [Till the mix is 1 colour with out streaks]

    Gently incorporate the whipped egg whites with a whisk
  11. Add the mixture into the mixing bowl with the meringue. gently mix/ fold it in with the whisk.
  12. Pour mixture into prepared cake pan, slash the batter with the spatula to remove air.
  13. Bake in a Bain-Marie
    Pour hot water into another tray about 2 cm deep

    I took some mixture out and mixed with cocoa powder for the decorations.

    In the oven in a tray for hot water, as you can tell, not very much water is required.
  14. Place the cake pan into the tray in bottom of the oven and bake at
    • 160° C [ 320° F ] 70 – 75 mins
    • 150° C [ 300° F ] 10 minsNote: It really depends on your oven, use this as a guide. I ended up doing 160°C till the top was nice and golden brown then I lower the temperature to 150°C for the rest of the cooking time
      The cake baking in the oven, adjust the temperature as required. I started out at 160°C till it looked nice and golden then I reduced it to 150°C
      Close up of the word “May” art work


  15. Leave the cake in the open with the door a jar for 30 mins before taking it out.
    After 30 mins in the oven which has been turned off with the door left slightly a jar.
    The Final cake with the baking paper except the bottom one removed for easy transportation.
    The ultimate test, the slice. It was a HUGE success! ^^ Fluffy through out 😀

    Flash photography as I didn’t have my tripod but just wanted to capture the details of the cake slice.

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  1. Looks brilliant. Thank you for the detailed explanations. I am a somewhat melchol detail person so really appreciate it!

    1. Thank you Jenn:) You are welcome. Goodies to know you appreciate it^^ Do let me know how you go. Also thank you for your lovely feedback 🙂

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