DIY Foldable Seed Packets

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I love to DIY things so decided to make my own seed packets, then thought I’ll share it with you 😉

Here are the instructions

here are the instructions again in text if you need it 😀

  1. Cut along the line/s to make a square/s
  2. Fold in 1/2 backwards along the number 1 line.
  3. Fold backwards along the number 2 and 3 line
    Flip over
  4. Tuck in the corner of number 3 into number 2
  5. Fold down number 4 and tuck the flap in between both the flaps created by folding line 2 and 3 this locks it close
  6. Fill with seed and tuck the remainder flap into the number 2 and 3 flap 



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