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Upside Down Tree, Kelvedon Beach, Swansea, Tasmania | Nature | Landscape Photography | Jonace Aussie Travels

Upside Down Tree, Kelvedon Beach, Swansea, Tasmania

I was wondering what to post for the 200th photo. I have so many to choose from, but I thought I’ll share the photo I love. It’s not really technically difficult to photograph but it caught my eye on our drive. It was literally a STOP THE CAR moment for me..

It also captures my style of photography. nature that is uplifting and quirky hahaha. Is it me or do you see an upside down tree also? 😛

I love the composition of the mountains in the background, the dark ocean, the beautiful foliage of the grass in the front and in the middle ground is the “upside-down tree”. Ooo also love the fluffy white clouds 😀 It brings a smile on my face.. Does it make you smile too?

We just had a storm here in Perth.. This looks like the tree has been blown over.. But it’s not!

If you love it as much as I do, Or your mum would love this or any of my photos, they are available as a

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Custom 8 x 6″ Eco Inspirational Mount

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PS: Have you got your mother’s day gift yet? why not give her the gift of hope in the form of my prints 😉 Since looking at photos of nature can improve one’s concentration and chase stress away!

Also just to let you know I’m part of the mother’s day virtual phamily market! You can see all of my mother’s day designs there 😀

May this bring a smile to your face today ^^

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