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The Grand Canyon | Landscape | Panorama | Photography | Jonace World Travels

I took this photo of the Grand Canyon when we were there a few years ago.

Something very interesting happened when we were there.

I took this panorama the 1st day we got there, where it was clear and you can see the canyon as far as the eye can see.

This expanse was so inspiring, it was HUGE! It took our breath away.

But the very next day.. it was gone, it was just all white!!! God being God was able to hide away this Grand Canyon in the clouds!

So I hope you’ll be inspired by this that no matter how big you think your problem is, God is bigger than that problem 😉

Would you like this print at home as a reminder of how big our God is?

Well, you can have this breathtaking and inspiring photographic art print as an Inspirational Mount on foam of any size you require be it 8 x 6, 12 x 4 or up to 60 x 20! I can even add your favourite bible verse to encourage you further:)


vast expense of canyons. Blue cloudy skies on the top. brown rocks with wavy pattern and green bush in the foreground
Grand Canyon South Rim, Arizona, United States

PS: this is a lower quality photo just as a sample.

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