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Mother duck with her ducklings | Photography | Birds | Kings Park | Western Australia | Nature Photography | Jonace Aussie Travels

While hanging out at Kings Park, I saw this little family of ducks. They are so adorable! Was watching one struggle getting out of the water and the mother was nearby cheering it on while the family waited for it and it kept trying until it finally was able to join its family:)

Mother’s day is coming up, and I am working on new designs for mothers, what words of encouragement? Bible verse or images would you like to give your mother?

I am also very blessed to be having a stall at the Perth Hills Artisan Markets on the 12th May  for more

I also can do custom designs just for your mother in any size you need with any of the nature photos I have from all over the world 😀

So contact me for a chat on how I can make your mother’s day super special for your mother!

You can have this photo as a

  • Inspirational Mount on foam



A mother duck and 7 of her duckling a few with little drops of water on the bottom of their beaks by the greeny water's edge.
A mother duck and her ducklings by the water’s edge
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