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Happy Blessed Mother’s Day | Araluens Botanical Park, Perth, Western Australia

A beautiful red and orange flamed coloured tulip with one petal down from Araluens Botanica Park, Perth, WA with the text Happy Blessed Mother’s Day

Happy Blessed Mother’s Day to all fellow mums out there! I have a new appreciation of Mother’s Day being a mum myself to a beautiful and clever 15 month old girl!

Hence I choose to use this photo.

I feel to tell you that you that you are BEAUTIFUL even though you may feel worn down! Cos I know being a mum is not easy though it’s all so worth it!

We sacrifice so much of ourselves for our child/children that you may feel like that tulip with bits falling off ><

Just wanted to encourage you and cheer you on! You are doing a GREAT job! Keep it up! ^^

So I pray and hope you get spoiled and refreshed today and be shown love everyday! 😀

agape love,

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