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Canola Fields, Stirling Ranges, Western Australia

Here is a photo I took of the canola fields in the Stirling Ranges when we were on our way back from Ravensthorpe 2 years ago.

This year we made it back there and it was nothing compared to the photo. For one, there was no canola growing and no interesting clouds.

2 years ago, it was so uplifting and beautiful! But this time, it looked so different..

Be encouraged that no matter where you are in life’s journey there are both bright sunny days and cloudy days but it’s ok.

There is beauty in all seasons of life 😀

I appreciate the sunny days more because I experienced dark days..

I have created a bible inspired design of this photo 😀

It is available as a

Black Label Photo Greeting Cards

Mounted Print

You can own this as any size you need, get in touch with me and I’ll make your design dream a reality

Not sure what is a good size for you? I can work that out for you! Here is what I did a client of mine


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