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A quirky lil peacock, Rottnest Island, Western Australia | Animals | Jonace Aussie Travels

Just found out a friend loves peacock and is planning on adopting one!! So Thought I’ll post my photo of this cute lil peacock from Rotto for her 😉

Also it’s quite symbolic for me.. It’s a reminder to be yourself! Cos only you can be you 😉

When I was younger, I was chosen to be a peacock at the Singapore National Day Parade. Alas my parents didn’t want me to take part in that cos they didn’t want people to think I was proud like a peacock lol.

Are peacocks really proud?? What do you think?

I don’t think it’s proud.. Perhaps it knows who made it and its purpose in life is to be beautiful 😛 To be part of the beauty of the world!

Each of us has a purpose in life and only you can fulfil that purpose! Cos of the way you are 😉

A beautiful blue peacock with its colourful plumage opened
A beautiful blue peacock with its colourful plumage opened

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