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Seed Organisers For Big and Small Seeds | Home DIY | Re-Use

I have been thinking of how I can better organise my growing seed collection. I’m very excited to present to you my solution utilising re-use cardboard sheet and boxes.

Seed Organisers For Big and Small Seeds DIY Re-Using Cardboard

My big and small seed organiser. Re-used boxes and old cardboard for the dividers.It works so well! You can put in or take out a divider if you need more space for each alphabet.

I don’t even have to label the box as the bags are already doing it.

The bags I am using are the ones you can buy from stationary shops.

Scroll down or click “continue reading”  for how I did it!

I goggled seed organisation ideas and came across this blog.

I thought great idea and was looking for the template I provided below, but there was none. So I decided to make my own 😉

Hope it helps you:D

Below are my workings of how I figure out how big I wanted the tabs to be base on the box.

Template to work out the dimensions of your tab dividers


My workings for you to refer to, it’s not perfect but it worked for me.


If you prefer looking at a cardboard version. I drew the lines all the way down but went back and added the comments


A really random tool that made life heaps easier, it is usually for bigger DIY projects but if you place your cardboard at the edge of your table and clip it on. It works


I cut out the 2 different tabs to check if I got the measurements right before proceeding to duplicate them


All the tabs cut and assembled.


To make the middle tab, I had to estimate it. I took the length of the box divided by say 10 and work my way down till i got the closest whole number.

It really depends on how many tabs you need. I think it’s better to do more tabs than less, because it is easy to take out some if it is not needed. I had to remove some dividers as some compartment was getting too full.

Seeds I placed in the big box also included seeds where I had more than 1 type such as tomatoes and eggplants. I also placed the big seeds like the broad beans etc.

My big and small seed organiser. Re-used boxes and old cardboard for the dividers.


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