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Mango and Mulberry Cuttings | Re-Grown | Home Grown

Tried many times and finally succeeded at growing cuttings from Mum and Dad’s Mango and over 100-year-old Mulberry tree.

Decided to transplant it into a self watering-pot [no idea if they are any good compared to a wicking bed] since there was signs of new growth in the mango cutting.

While transplanting, I didn’t notice any root system in the mango cutting. Didn’t want to disturb the mulberry cutting so didn’t see any roots either. I had them in a zip lock bag mini green house outside.

So.. should I leave them be? Or should I put a bag over them to re-create the green house effect?

Thank you so much,

New leaves growing in the mango cutting
New leaves growing in the mango cutting
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