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5 Tips To Help Yourself Not Commit Suicide

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This is a topic I am very passionate and vocal about cos it’s something I struggle with personally.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and with the constant pain, came the suicidal depression and anxiety among an umbrella of symptoms.

What is Fibromyalgia some might ask? It is a chronic condition that causes pain in the muscles and bones.

Imagine when you have a cold; your head is foggy, your body and joints ache. No matter how much you sleep, you are tired all the time. You have no motivation to do anything cos the fatigue confounds everything! and that is only some of the symptoms.

These tips are what helps me when I have such thoughts

  1. Seek Professional Help!
    Call 13 11 14

    When things are going ok, it’s a good time to seek counselling or a psychologist to help deal with the issues that need dealing with.

  2. Don’t visualise doing it
    I was talking to someone who did research in this and she says visualising it will desensitise you to doing it.. so DON’T even think about how you are going to do it!

  3. Give Your Life To Jesus
    Cry out to Jesus.. If you want to end your life, what have you got to lose giving it to Jesus? Cry out to Him, even if you don’t believe in Him. He believes in you..

    For fellow believers.. I cry out to God and give my life to him over and over again.. I speak it out over my life.. I say ” God I’ve had enough of this life.. This never-ending pain. take my life. Not my will but yours be done” There is something about speaking out over your life. Also I find crying very cathartic.

  4. Remember You Are NOT a Burden!!
    I don’t know about you but that thought comes in my mind.. That I’m a burden to hubby and I should just end his misery along with mine.. Sounds kinda selfless right? But it’s far from the truth.. If you killed yourself, you are leaving them to pick up the broken pieces. You are being very selfish!

    God has great plans for you.. You may not see it now.. Even pain.. haha.. God can use it ALL for your good!

  5. Talk to a trusted loved one/ Friend
    I find that telling hubby when I’m struggling helps me not to go further and makes it less isolating.. I tell him what I’m feeling and thinking..

    I remember one time when I was at the beach and all I could think about was to drown my sorrows literally.. Thank God my friend called me and was able to talk me out of it.

For Those Who Do Not Have Suicidal Thoughts..

What I’m about to say may not be popular with people and may come across as heartless. Let me say, I feel bad for those who have lost loved ones to suicide. <hugz>

But I also don’t need to be told it is ok.. I don’t want my loved ones to go through what you are going through..

I don’t want me or others like me to think that it’s ok.. Perhaps tell that to the loved ones or direct to the ones who judge your loved ones who have committed suicide..

Seriously those people need a life and mind their own business!! Where do they get off being so judgemental!?? Are they God? If you are one of those people, please give those who have lost a loved one a break!! Cos apparently cos of your judgement, they post about committing suicide is ok..

I find it not helpful for me personally for it to be posted on FB.. I have seen a few post about it recently; some even said Jesus and Samson committed suicide.. Erm.. I don’t want to get into a theological debate cos I have no idea what’s the dealio.. That’s up to God and I’m not Him 😉

But take a moment to ponder this..

What if at that moment I was feeling suicidal and your post pops up?? What if that was enough to tip one over to committing suicide?? It may comfort you, but do you want to be potentially responsible for removing that last hurdle that’s stopping someone from doing it?

When you are feeling sucidally depressed, it’s a tough battle as it is. You really don’t think very logically. From my own experience is that you want the pain the stop.

So I don’t need people telling me that it’s okay. Well, that is what I have gathered from people saying it in their post. It’s ok to commit suicide cos God is a gracious and understanding God..

I pray and hope this helps you,

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