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Door Bell Hoodie | Re-Use | Home DIY

After waiting 1 year to install our doorbell..

I decided to take things into my own hand and install it on my own and designed a hoodie to protect it from the weather using re-use soda cans.Door Bell Hoodie Front Door Bell Hoodie Left Door Bell Hoodie Right

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Store Bought Re-Grown Ginger | Home Grown | Re-Use Milk Bottles

After COUNTLESS attempt at growing ginger I finally have 1 that succeeded out of the 3 bottles I made.

So since I have never got to this stage before, I have no idea what to do/ not to do next.

At the moment I have placed it in a zip lock bag outside to keep it moist as I am unable to water it daily over the weekend. I am worried it might cook in the bag. So should i leave it outside with a little opening, or should I just zip it all up and bring it inside?

Please advise,

It is alive!!!^^
It is alive!!!^^ Has grown a shoot and a root that I can see which I covered up with more soil.
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Wicking Bed 2 | Re-Use | Home DIY

Our 2nd raised garden wicking bed! Unfortunately the frame was not strong enough and a few weeks after, it collapsed on us! So all our hard work and effort to sand, paint the frame was all wasted!

<img class="size-full wp-image-3182" src="" alt="finished wicking bed all done." width="1440" height="960" srcset=" 1440w,×200 posologie viagra 100 mg.jpg 300w,×682.jpg 1023w” sizes=”(max-width: 1440px) 100vw, 1440px” />
finished wicking bed all done.

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