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God’s is working in us | Inspirational Mounts | Photography

I took this photo of the Stirling Ranges, Western Australia. I love the yellow fields of canola and the beautiful blue sky with interesting clouds and the silhouette of the Stirling Ranges in the background.

We are so blessed that we live relatively near this beautiful place.

The words were inspired by the verse Philippians 2:13.

Recently, I feel that God has called me to renew my mind with His truth.

What better way than to display this mount in a place where you are reminded of His life-giving words!

I plan on displaying it next to my bedside so that when I wake up, I can renew my mind 😉

God is working in us, He will give us the power and desire to fulfil His good purpose for our lives!

I use to say “Please Be Patient With Me, God Is Not Done With Me Yet”

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Stirling ranges with blue skies, yellow canola fields with bible verse
Stirling ranges with bible verse “For God is Working in You, Giving you the Power and the Desire to fulfil His Good Purpose” Philippians 2:13

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