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Sunset Geyser | Yellowstone National Park | Nature | Landscape | Sunset Photography | Jonace World Travels

While in Yellow Stone National Park, we met a few geyser chasers. We followed them around the park to chase the geyser eruptions. This is one which we waited for the longest. In the end, we waited for 3 hours unsure of when it is going to erupt. As it was getting darker, it was getting colder.

The Great Fountain Geyser is a fountain-type geyser located in the Firehole Lake area of Lower Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Eruptions begin about one hour after the crater fills and the first overflow spills onto the terraces. Great Fountain’s maximum height ranges from about 75 feet to over 220 feet. While this pattern of behavior is observed most of the time, there are occasional episodes of so-called “wild-phase” activity during which the eruptions are of greatly extended duration and intervals between eruptions may be as long as three days.

It was one of the first discovered in the park, in the late 19th century


A beauitful orange and blue sunset with a mountain on the left. With the geyser erupting in the front with a blue core. The foreground is dark and rocky
The Grand Fountain Geyser at Sunset at Yellowstone National Park
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Black and White Butterfly | Photography | Insects| Houston | USA | Nature Photography | Jonace World Travels

I took this photo while at Houston Museum of Natural Science.

I love its beautiful intricate patterns. I see hearts in everything and I see some on its wings.

backdrop of green leaves and fern with black and white butterfly with intricate patterns on it's wings
A black and White butterfly on a green fern in Houston Museum of natural science
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Mixed Tulips | The White House, Washington | USA | Flower | Nature Photography | Jonace World Travels

It was a surprise to see such lovely flowers outside the White House. This is what I look for when travelling; nature

It is so beautiful! I hope the colourful flowers will put a smile on your face when you have a hard day.

Well, you can have this cheery and happy photographic art print as a


Blue flowers, orange and red tulips in Araluen
beautiful colourful tulips in the Araluen Botanic Park