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It was lovely meeting you at Port Coogee Markets at the Port Coogee Village Shopping Centre:D

Thank you everyone who came out to the Coogee Village Markets 😀

I really enjoyed the chats I had with you ^^ I pray and hope the mounts you bought will add some hope and inspiration into your lives 😀 Thank you so much for the encouragement and support! The next one at this location will be on the 24th of November! So come and say hie and grab some meaningful Christmas gifts for your friends and family 😀

My revised set up at Coogee Village Markets with a new DIY custom shelve set up:)
My revised set up at Coogee Village Markets:)

I am currently working on a new design which God has put on my heart for months! I plan on having it ready for sale at my next markets 😀

I think it’ll be an awesome gift you can get someone for Christmas; The gift of hope 😉 How awesome would it be to be able to give someone a word of encouragement from God’s word with His beautiful creation to help remind them of His powerful words throughout the day

What type of products would you like to buy for Christmas? I currently have mounts and cards. Do let me know and I’ll try to add it to my stock for you 😀

I’ll also be part of the

Southern River Twilight Markets 23rd Nov from 5 – 9 pm Located at CnrSouthern River Road and Clearwater Drive, Southern River

Perth Hills Artisan Markets Parkerville 25th Nov from 9:30 am – 3 pm

Hope to see you,



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What to use instead of plastic bin liner? DIY origami bin liners and Eco Inspirational Mount Launch and Give Away with Plastic Free July Tips!!

Hi everyone,

Missed me? Sorry I have been quiet on here this week.

I have been busy cooking up a Giveaway and launching my latest range. It’s been a huge learning curve..

I present to you the Eco Inspirational Mount Range in honour of Plastic Free July and the plastic bag ban!

It has been created with the 3 Rs in mind 😀

Check out my video 😀



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The Good Deeds Dress | Sewing | New Clothes | Mend and Make New

Decided to make a dress for my nieces.

Came across the “Good Deeds Dress” and loved the design.

However, I found it rather complicated and unclear how to add a lining.

So I decided to do a tutorial on how to do it.

scroll down or click “continue reading” for how to do it.


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How to Prepare Olives For Preserving | Part 2 | Bottling The Olives | Home Grown | Preserving Adventures

Just realised that I didn’t upload the recipe I used to bottle my olives.

So here it is. It’s been 2 years and I can say that using this recipe my olives are still delicious and mould free!

Want to find out how to remove the bitterness? Check out Part 1!

Before proceeding, I drained the brine in part 1 and soaked my olives in water over night in the fridge to remove some of the saltness.

Olives I just bottled today

For the recipe scroll down or click “Continue reading”


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Diner en Blanc | The Final Dress | Mend and Make New

Ta dah..

I am so proud of this design, the rouch is what I wanted the dress to look like.

However the “butterfly”neck line was me trying to salvage a badly freestyle cut neck line.

But thank God that it ended up the PERFECT neckline for the evening.

Since I also made butterflies to identify as a person who is a floater.

See the origami butterfly in my hair? 😛

This is the MOST comfortable fancy dress! The Roche adds quite a bit of space for sitting and eating 😉

The Final dress. Haha.. I am one of the few photographers who LOVES to be in front of the camera;) Thank you so much Cheryl from Finestone Photography for taking this photo for me:)

Check out the Work In Progress 😀

The best thing about the dress is the pocket I added on the left hand side of me:D

Would you like me to do a tutorial on how to add a hidden pocket in your dresses?