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Diner en Blanc | The Final Dress | Mend and Make New

Ta dah..

I am so proud of this design, the rouch is what I wanted the dress to look like.

However the “butterfly”neck line was me trying to salvage a badly freestyle cut neck line.

But thank God that it ended up the PERFECT neckline for the evening.

Since I also made butterflies to identify as a person who is a floater.

See the origami butterfly in my hair? 😛

This is the MOST comfortable fancy dress! The Roche adds quite a bit of space for sitting and eating 😉

The Final dress. Haha.. I am one of the few photographers who LOVES to be in front of the camera;) Thank you so much Cheryl from Finestone Photography for taking this photo for me:)

Check out the Work In Progress 😀

The best thing about the dress is the pocket I added on the left hand side of me:D

Would you like me to do a tutorial on how to add a hidden pocket in your dresses?

Diner en Blanc | Work In Progress | Mend and Make New

Last week I went to an awesome creative women retreat. As part of the Friday dinner we had a Diner en Blanc where we get to decorate our table and dress up in all white!

Ha ha.. They mention the re-use of wedding dresses.. Only thing was my wedding dress is NOT blue:P So I had 1 week left and decided to bite the bullet and make my own out of calico and a scrap piece of shimmery white material I got for free:D

The dress I uploaded on Facebook Thursday at 6:30 pm
People thought that it was beautiful! Little did they know it’s not my style.. not yet.
It was just a blank canvas;)


I took some photos along the design and sewing process below if you are interested, click  “Continue reading “.

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Seed Organisers For Big and Small Seeds | Home DIY | Re-Use

I have been thinking of how I can better organise my growing seed collection. I’m very excited to present to you my solution utilising re-use cardboard sheet and boxes.

Seed Organisers For Big and Small Seeds DIY Re-Using Cardboard

My big and small seed organiser. Re-used boxes and old cardboard for the dividers.It works so well! You can put in or take out a divider if you need more space for each alphabet.

I don’t even have to label the box as the bags are already doing it.

The bags I am using are the ones you can buy from stationary shops.

Scroll down or click “continue reading”  for how I did it!

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Strawberry Update | Grown In Wicking Hanging Basket | Re-use | Home Grown

Strawberry 01

Woo hoo our strawberries are ripe and we get to taste the 1st fruits of our hanging wicking basket a day before the last day of winter^^

I started with 1 strawberry runner last year from mum and dads. Then when that plant grew runners/

I potted them up in little seedling pots. If you’ll like to know how I did that, feel free to let me know in the comments 😀

Then I created a hanging wicking basket for them and they are doing so well!

So check out the “Hanging Wicking Basket” link above on how you can make your very own!


How to Prepare Olives For Preserving | Part 2 | Home Grown | Preserving Adventures

So some of you may be not sure what to do after the olives has been soaking for 7-8 days.

Here is my post from day 1

So I thought I’ll do a post of how to change the brine solution. and what to do if there is mould.

Scroll down or “click to continue” to see more of the process:)


Olives after 8 days of neglect
Olives after 8 days of neglect

This is what my olives looked like after 8 days of neglect. There was some mould but it’s easy to just scoop them out.

Note: If you really don’t want any mould, then you can use more olive oil on the top to make a seal.

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