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Diner en Blanc | The Final Dress | Mend and Make New

Ta dah..

I am so proud of this design, the rouch is what I wanted the dress to look like.

However the “butterfly”neck line was me trying to salvage a badly freestyle cut neck line.

But thank God that it ended up the PERFECT neckline for the evening.

Since I also made butterflies to identify as a person who is a floater.

See the origami butterfly in my hair? 😛

This is the MOST comfortable fancy dress! The Roche adds quite a bit of space for sitting and eating 😉

The Final dress. Haha.. I am one of the few photographers who LOVES to be in front of the camera;) Thank you so much Cheryl from Finestone Photography for taking this photo for me:)

Check out the Work In Progress 😀

The best thing about the dress is the pocket I added on the left hand side of me:D

Would you like me to do a tutorial on how to add a hidden pocket in your dresses?

Seed Organisers For Big and Small Seeds | Home DIY | Re-Use

I have been thinking of how I can better organise my growing seed collection. I’m very excited to present to you my solution utilising re-use cardboard sheet and boxes.

Seed Organisers For Big and Small Seeds DIY Re-Using Cardboard

My big and small seed organiser. Re-used boxes and old cardboard for the dividers.It works so well! You can put in or take out a divider if you need more space for each alphabet.

I don’t even have to label the box as the bags are already doing it.

The bags I am using are the ones you can buy from stationary shops.

Scroll down or click “continue reading”  for how I did it!

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Final Printed EP Design | Mosaic Heart EP

1 more sleep before the EP Launch @ Emerge!

Soo excited that I have just collected my printed EP! Very proud to say I designed it!

To RSVP or find out more details check Music of Grace’s Website

either email me or let me know on the FB event if you are able to attend so we can cater food for you.

If you can’t make it but would love to buy a CD, please contact me and I’ll get one to you!


Mosaic Heart EP | Back and Front Mosaic Heart EP | Back

Mosaic Heart EP | Album Concept and Preparation | DIY Mosaic

I am making an actual mosaic heart for my Mosaic Heart EP coming out on the 15th Nov 2016. There will be 7 of my originals on it 😀

Mosaic Heart Concept Design
Mosaic Heart Concept Design

In 2008 I was blessed with this concept design for an EP called Mosaic Heart.

Click on “Continue reading →” or scroll down to see how I get go about doing it:D


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