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Diner en Blanc | The Final Dress | Mend and Make New

Ta dah..

I am so proud of this design, the rouch is what I wanted the dress to look like.

However the “butterfly”neck line was me trying to salvage a badly freestyle cut neck line.

But thank God that it ended up the PERFECT neckline for the evening.

Since I also made butterflies to identify as a person who is a floater.

See the origami butterfly in my hair? 😛

This is the MOST comfortable fancy dress! The Roche adds quite a bit of space for sitting and eating 😉

The Final dress. Haha.. I am one of the few photographers who LOVES to be in front of the camera;) Thank you so much Cheryl from Finestone Photography for taking this photo for me:)

Check out the Work In Progress 😀

The best thing about the dress is the pocket I added on the left hand side of me:D

Would you like me to do a tutorial on how to add a hidden pocket in your dresses?

Diner en Blanc | Work In Progress | Mend and Make New

Last week I went to an awesome creative women retreat. As part of the Friday dinner we had a Diner en Blanc where we get to decorate our table and dress up in all white!

Ha ha.. They mention the re-use of wedding dresses.. Only thing was my wedding dress is NOT blue:P So I had 1 week left and decided to bite the bullet and make my own out of calico and a scrap piece of shimmery white material I got for free:D

The dress I uploaded on Facebook Thursday at 6:30 pm
People thought that it was beautiful! Little did they know it’s not my style.. not yet.
It was just a blank canvas;)


I took some photos along the design and sewing process below if you are interested, click  “Continue reading “.

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Seed Organisers For Big and Small Seeds | Home DIY | Re-Use

I have been thinking of how I can better organise my growing seed collection. I’m very excited to present to you my solution utilising re-use cardboard sheet and boxes.

Seed Organisers For Big and Small Seeds DIY Re-Using Cardboard

My big and small seed organiser. Re-used boxes and old cardboard for the dividers.It works so well! You can put in or take out a divider if you need more space for each alphabet.

I don’t even have to label the box as the bags are already doing it.

The bags I am using are the ones you can buy from stationary shops.

Scroll down or click “continue reading”  for how I did it!

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